India’s delectable cuisine is filled with various mouth-watering dishes. The only downside to them is that it takes a lot of effort to cook them. The process of making these dishes often require grinding of grains and lentils to make a batter such as the ones used in making idli and dosa which are one of the main uses of wet grinders.

However, in the past, when there was the unavailability of modern appliances, these dishes required a hefty amount of time and immense hard work; ever wondered that what is the secret behind your grandmother’s physique? Well, they used a lot of physical strength to make your favorite dishes.

So, now you got an idea of the benefits of using a wet grinder in the kitchen. I have written this article to give you in-depth information related to the uses of wet grinders and their mechanisms.

Working Principle of Wet Grinder

When looking at a wet grinder, it seems like a complicated contraption and indeed it would look like one because a lot of thought has been put into building it and it has faced some improvements and variations in its different versions over time.

It is basically a drum with the base made up of stone and above that is a vertical shaft attached to support the horizontal shaft, which has circular stone plates attached to its both ends. These stone plates rotate with the help of a motor. The stone used, is usually granite because it is a really useful dimension stone i.e. it can withstand abrasion and weathering due to its hardness and durability. This helps to crush grains more efficiently, which is one of the main uses of wet grinders.

These properties of granite help it to crush the grains and lentils easily when the shaft spins. When the mixing is done you can simply stop the grinder and scoop out the batter. Remember to wash it thoroughly to prevent any awful stench.

Uses of Wet Grinders in Indian Kitchen

Wet Grinders are being used extensively across Indian households due to their popularity among the people. It saves them a lot of time when crushing ingredients using a wet grinder rather than doing it manually. Furthermore, it requires very little hard effort, and work of hours can be done in minutes by using a wet grinder.

Another reason for its popularity in India is that one of the major uses of wet grinder in Indian kitchen is that it is used to make batter and pastes for some of the most famous and toothsome dishes such as idli, dosa, appam, and paniyaram. Dishes like idli and dosa need to be fluffy and consistent in order to be perfect and that level of consistency and fluffiness of the grind cannot be achieved by using a mixie or by grinding manually.

Furthermore, a mixie also has much less capacity than a wet grinder and a mixie can get overheated quickly which can result in a short circuit. One of the advantages of wet grinders is that the granite wheels in a wet grinder stay sharp for a much longer time compared to the blades in a mixie. It helps to make the batter more consistent with the perfect texture.

Few Disadvantages of Wet Grinders

Nothing in the world is perfect and everything comes with a few flaws. Similarly, there are some minor disadvantages of wet grinders. A wet grinder requires a lot of energy to spin the granite wheels swiftly and for that particular reason, it requires high voltages, which if not provided can result in overheating of the wires.

In addition to that, it is a really bulky piece of equipment and some households with relatively smaller kitchens might find it difficult to make space for it on their countertops and because of its huge size, some people find it challenging to wash it. One slight defect is that you have to keep an eye on the grinder because some grains would get stuck on the edge and would have to be removed by a spatula in order to achieve the perfect consistency.

Things to Check Before Buying the Wet Grinder.

There are multiple different types of wet grinders available in the market. A wet grinder is somewhat a big investment in your kitchen and to ensure that you find the best wet grinder to buy in India I have written a wet grinder buying guide below.

Types of Wet Grinders

You need to understand the different types of wet grinders to find the one that best suits your situation. Currently, there are three major types of wet grinders available in the market:

  • Regular Wet Grinder: It is a big grinder usually used by commercial businesses and large families. It is hard to install due to its size and also requires more time to get cleaned.
  • Table-Top Wet Grinder: This is an ideal and most popular type of wet grinder currently available. It is easier to install because of its compact design and is sufficient to meet the needs of one small family.
  • Tilting Wet Grinder: Tilting wet grinder is innovative in a way that the drum can be tilted; as suggested by its name. This makes the procedure to scoop out the batter much easier. If your budget is limited then buying a tilted grinder is not necessary.

Other Factors to Take Into Consideration When Looking for best wet grinder to buy in India

The following factors are necessary in wet grinder buying guide because they are different in every model.

  • The Capacity of the Drum: This factor plays an important role and you need to find the perfect size that is big enough to fulfill your needs but not that huge which can make it harder to install.
  • Material of the Drum: The drum should preferably be made of stainless steel to prolong the lifetime of the wet grinder as stainless steel is not prone to rust and is relatively more durable.
  • Grinding Stones: Grinding stones play an important role in the consistency of the grind. When buying a wet grinder, you should look for at least two to three stones; conical shape preferably because it is more efficient than others.
  • Overload Protection: It is an extremely necessary feature because it automatically stops the grinder when it is overloaded, this helps to prevent the grinder from breaking.

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, I would say that a wet grinder is a necessary appliance that every household should have because of the numerous benefits of using wet grinders. There are various uses of wet grinders associated with Indian kitchens. However, you should always buy it after taking a deep look into your requirements so that your investment does not go to waste.