During modern times new technologies are being invented at a rapid pace which makes our day-to-day tasks much easier due to their efficiency and capability of multi-tasking. One such appliance is a Mixer Grinder that comes with different types of mixer grinder blades which have made numerous kitchen tasks noticeably easier and helps you accomplish them at a rate of knots.

Moreover, it saves you a lot of space in your kitchen because you don’t have to keep separate appliances for each task.

Mixer Grinders have automated major kitchen tasks such as mincing, kneading, grinding, etc. There are two different types of Mixer Grinders, one is a stand mixer that is suitable for industrial use whereas the other is a traditional mixer that is sufficient to fulfill household needs.

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Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and Their Uses

Mixer grinder is a versatile machine, and to serve that purpose it comes with different blades to carry out different tasks. These blades are designed to perform strenuous tasks which otherwise would require a heck of a time and effort to complete manually.

These blades are usually manufactured using stainless steel, bronze, or aluminum, these durable materials assist these blades to deal with hard ingredients with no compromise on the consistency and uniformity of the grind.

There are multiple types of mixer grinder blades stated below:

1. Wet Grinder Blade

This blade comes in handy when making pastes from lentils and grains, similar to those used in cooking idlis and dosas which are some of the famous dishes in India’s delectable cuisine.

2. Dry Grinder Blade

It is usually used to grind various spices to powdered form e.g. black pepper, coriander, chili, etc., which are key ingredients in almost every dish in India. It saves you from processed and overpriced packaged spices as you can grind them at home with your mixer grinder.

This makes the spices much more reliable as there is no compromise on the nutritional value of the herbs and spices. Furthermore, you can use it to grind normal granules of sugar to powdered sugar, in order to use in mouth-watering deserts.

3. Chutney Grinder Blade

Chutneys are a go with every kind of dish as they add enticing flavors to your taste buds. By using a mixer grinder you can create delightful chutneys with perfect texture and consistency whether it is pudina chutney or coconut chutney.

4. Blender

There are numerous types of mixer grinder and their uses. However, one commonly used feature of them all is the blender jar as you can use and make a variety of refreshing beverages from healthy fruit shakes to lassi. This is undeniably the most loved feature of a mixer grinder.

5. Mincer

Mincer blade is used to grind meat to smaller bits which can be used to make sausages and patties. It is also used to create the famous Indian dish ‘keema’. Furthermore, you can use it for grating vegetables, almonds, crushing ice, etc.

To recapitulate, I would say that mixer grinder is one of the kitchen essentials nowadays and everybody who can afford it should get one immediately.

However, when buying one of these you should consider your requirements as there are a ton of different types of mixer grinders available in the market with a lot of features, some of which you may not even require.

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