Mixer Grinders are undoubtedly the most essential appliance in a modern kitchen and there is no denying the fact that they come with a hefty price tag. After using it for a couple of months, you can get accompanied by some common mixer grinder problems and instead of repairing it, most people end up replacing the whole mixer grinder.

That’s why I am writing this article to give you a detailed account of the most common mixer grinder problems and their repair solution.

6 Common Mixer Grinder Related Problems

1. Taking More Time to Grind

One of the most common mixer grinder problems is that the blades take forever to grind the ingredients. It counters one of the main mixer grinder tasks which is to grind materials within a blink of an eye.

Solution: There are two major reasons for this. The first one is the slow rotational speed of the blades which can be caused by the food particles getting stuck between the blade’s joint. This can be easily fixed by dissembling the blade and cleaning it by soaking it in warm water then scrubbing it thoroughly and make sure that you clean every single particle to ensure maximum speed.

Another reason for slow grinding is that the blades turn blunt after some time which makes the mixer grinder inefficient. There are two ways that you can use to sharpen the blade, you can either do it manually with a stone or you can grind rock salt using the blade which will automatically sharpen it.

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2. Leakage

One of the most frustrating mixer grinder related problems is the jar leakage because it wastes all the ingredients and makes a mess in the kitchen. It is mainly caused due to three primary reasons.

Solution: Leakage can occur as a result of a faulty rubber gasket that seals the bottom of the jar and prevents the ingredients from leaking. A rubber gasket might loosen or melt as a result of overheating, which occurs when the grinder is ran for longer periods. A faulty rubber gasket needs to be replaced and you can do it at home after buying it from a local hardware store.

A cracked jar can also result in a leakage. It usually happens if it is made up of low quality materials. You can repair it using flex tape for the time being, but you need to replace it afterward.

Another reason for leakage is the loose blade which allows the liquid ingredients to escape through the loose joint. To avoid it, you simply need to tighten the blade and make sure it doesn’t leak.

3. Overload Tripping

This a one of the common mixer grinder related problems that can be fixed easily at home. It is basically a security feature that comes in modern mixer grinders that prevents them from overheating.

Solution: There are multiple reasons which can cause overheating in a mixer grinder. The major one of them is putting too many ingredients, which can cause overheating by putting too much pressure on the motor.

Furthermore, running a mixer grinder for extensive time periods can also heat the motor because of friction between its components. A faulty ventilation system in a mixer grinder can also overheat it as the heat produced by the motor is not circulated outside.

To prevent an overload shutdown, you should grind your ingredients in multiple batches instead of doing it all at once. You should give the motor short breaks while grinding the ingredients. You should also clean the vent at the bottom of the mixer grinder if it gets dirty because it helps with air circulation in the machine.

However, in case of an overload shutdown, you can fix it easily by turning on the overload switch which is usually placed under the mixer grinder. Then let it cool down for 30 minutes before starting it again.

4. Broken Coupler

A coupler is one of the fragile parts in a mixer grinder because the material it is built with is not durable. It is common for a coupler in a mixer grinder to break after a year because it is rotated at a rapid speed by the motor.

Solution: You can fix a coupler at home by following some tutorials, however, I would suggest replacing it because repairing it at home can take a lot of effort which is not worth it because it will break after a couple of months.

5. Stuck Buttons

When putting the ingredients in the jar, some people spill the ingredients and don’t clean the mixer grinder properly afterward. These ingredients can build up inside the buttons over time and can jam them, making them defective. You can fix it by scrubbing them properly. Some mixer grinders allow you to remove the buttons which makes the job way easier.

6. Stuck Jar

Occasionally, the grinding jar can get stuck to the unit as a result of faulty bearings which is one of the most annoying mixer grinder common problems. The bearings can get damaged by the corrosion from the food particles that enter the bearings through the loose blade joints and jam them. To unstick it, you need to pour oil around the motor coupler and place it upside down for a couple of minutes. Then twist it with pliers and it should come off.

Solution: After that, fix the bearing by running it empty for 2 minutes. Then fill the jar halfway with water and allow it to run for a few minutes. Now the jar is fixed and you can put it on and remove it easily.

In Conclusion

I hope you understood the mixer grinder problems and their repair solution. If an appliance is not working then you should diagnose the problem at home before replacing it or taking it to the repair shop. If it is repairable at home then go for it, otherwise, get it repaired by a professional. This way you can save bucks on monthly repairs for your appliances every year.