Are you confused between Cold-pressed juice and Normal juice? If yes, then you have come to the right page. Here we will cover everything that you must know before you head to cold-pressed juice.

However, cold-pressed is the latest vogue way of having juice. The question always comes to mind: whether high-pressure juice extraction is better than traditionally extracted juice?

Let us read about: Cold-pressed juice Vs Normal Juice to get a clear picture of the different types of juice available in the market.

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

When juice undergoes High-pressure processing, it is known as Cold-pressed juice. The first thing you must know is high pressure does not mean heat; it is a simple process of applying high pressure to squeeze fruits in a bottle. Cold-pressed juice, in simple words, is raw juice without any oxidation or heat.

There are plenty of cold-pressed juice benefits, to start with, it has a longer life than usual or centrifugal juice. Also, there are various tips that you can consider to make your cold-pressed juice last longer than normal juice.

As the name says, “Cold Pressed” it extracts a maximum amount of nutrients from the pulp to provide raw juice. Cold-pressed juice comes with a higher amount of enzymes and vitamins as compared to regular juice.

Now let us read about the difference between Cold-pressed juice and normal juice in the below article.

Difference Between Cold-pressed Juice and Normal Juice

You must be wondering why people are keener to have cold-pressed juice instead of regular juice these days, and undoubtedly there are numerous cold-pressed juice benefits compared to other juice types. Let us learn the difference between the two types of juices.

Cold-pressed Juice Vs Normal Juice

A lot of us debate if there is any difference between Cold-pressed juice and normal juice. The below content will give you a perfect answer.

1. Normal Juice

Most normal juice you get in the market is extracted with the help of centrifugal juicers. It is one of the most common types of juicer in India, and it has a spinning blade that extracts the juice from fruits with the help of centrifugal force. But there is a problem with such kind of juice; it generates a lot of heat and eventually gives less nutritious input. When oxidation takes place, it loses most of the nutrients of fruits. It results in a lot of wastage in the pulp.

What else? A regular juice bar that claims to sell fresh juices is highly heat pasteurized juices that do not contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals. You must know that all centrifugal juicers tend to destroy the juice’s antioxidants due to the heating process.

Regular juices are only meant for immediate consumption, as it breaks down the nutrients fast. The taste of juice starts changing and tends to rot down. Regular juice is suitable for people who keep a stock of fruits in their refrigerator.

2. Cold Pressed Juice

The cold-pressed juicing process is nothing but a simple squeezing and pressing of fruits with no heat. The cold-pressed juicer squeezes every last drop of fruits and gives more healthy, nutritious and tasty juice than regular juice. The beauty of cold-pressed juice is there is no spinning of fruits involved. You can easily store the cold-pressed juice. It has a great life span and does not break down nutrients easily.

The best cold press juicer in India claims to extract 40% more juice than regular juicer available in the market. Also, the best cold-pressed juicer is way too practical to retain the essential nutrients of fruits.

Last but not least, another difference between Cold-pressed juice and normal juice is their price, although Normal juice is a bit cheaper than cold-pressed juice. The only drawback of cold-pressed juice is they are expensive.

So, Cold-pressed Juice or Normal Juice? It is time for you to decide which is the better one for you.

Which is the Best Cold-pressed Juice or Normal Juice?

As per research, many dieticians and nutritionists recommend Cold-pressed juice due to its detoxifying properties. Here is why Cold-pressed juice is better than regular juice.

  • One should shift to Cold-pressed juice because it contains a high percentage of natural nutrients of different fruits and vegetables. When we talk about Cold pressed Juice Vs Normal Juice, the significant difference is the technique used to extract the juice. The fast spinning blade of a normal juicer tends to lose all essential nutrients of juice, whereas cold pressed juice gives maximum yield by retaining high nutrients. This is the main reason why Cold pressed juice is the best option.
  • The best cold-pressed juicer in India always works on low RMP, which means you can easily extract juice from green vegetables. It gives you the freedom to have nutritious green juices and a good amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • As we know, fibre is an essential nutrient that everyone should consume daily to eliminate many health issues. By having cold-pressed juice every day, indeed you are taking a good amount of fibre. It is one of the significant cold-pressed juice benefits. All bottles of cold-pressed juice you see in the market are highly fibrous.
  • Another reason why Cold-pressed juice is better than regular juice is the taste. Cold-pressed juice has a much better taste than other juice types. It gives a natural output of fruit juices and results in a more earthy flavour of the juice.

Wrap Up

The answer to your question, the difference between cold-pressed juice and normal juice, must be clear from the above write-up. Therefore, the answer is simple. Cold-pressed juice is an ideal option if you are looking to add a good amount of nutritious juice to your daily diet. However, a cold-pressed juicer takes a longer time to extract juice than a regular juicer, but the results are worth the time.

Due to our busy lives, we run to nearby shops to buy packed cold-pressed juice bottles, which is undoubtedly an easy option, but preparing a glass of juice at home is a wise and pocket friendly decision.

While you are looking for the best juicer to buy, get the one from a reputed brand and give you a maximum output of cold-pressed juice.