Even if you’re not a kitchen artist, but you mix and bake often to make your favorite pastries, cookies, cakes, and pizza then a stand mixer is something you should seriously wish for.

This kitchen appliance is designed to handle all those tough and tedious tasks from kneading dough to whipping buttercream in a much more efficient way. Some of the latest models of stand mixers come fitted with a lot of attachments that enable chopping, slicing, mashing, blending, and whisking of ingredients in a fraction of a minute.

Unlike the hand mixers, it takes the strain off from your hands and lets you do other activities while this appliance continues to perform its task. This is a perfect addition to your kitchen that adds perfection to most of your dishes.

If you want to find the best stand mixer that is built just right for your needs, then have a quick glance at our Top 6 Best Stand Mixers in India that are capable of competing at a professional level without breaking the bank.

Best Stand Mixers in India

1. Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

  • Steam and Flip Jar for multi-tasking
  • Compact design that fits anywhere
  • Fewer Parts to Clean
  • Easy Water filling
  • Steamer and Blender Combination

When it comes to stand mixers, Inalsa comes as a brand with high credibility. From homemakes to professional chefs, it has earned excellent ratings and reviews from every user. With 100% copper 1000 W motor, it is definitely a powerful device that is built to last longer.

It comes with a 5L large mixing bowl that has enough capacity to mix everything together properly without overspilling. The cooking becomes super easy with this device whether you have to prepare meal for a large family or there is weekly celebrations.

It is fitted with 8-level speed control which helps you get the texture you want. You can rotate the knob starting slowly at 1 and then gradually hit the speed at 8 to handle a variety of mixing tasks.

There are multiple safety functions embedded in this device – overheat safety protection automatically shuts off the device in case it overheats and dust proof splash guard offers leak-proof performance. It has anti-slip feet to provide better stability on the kitchen counter, so it does not vibrate or slip.

When we compared its price with other brands, we found it quite reasonably priced. Among the Best Stand Mixers Brands in India, this is certainly the best bet for your mixing needs.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Highly versatile
  • Easy cleaning
  • Anti Slip Feet
  • Space saving design

The Bad

  • It is inefficient at kneading the dough

2. Inalsa Uni Blend 1000W Stand Mixer


  • Powerful 100% Copper 1000 W Motor
  • A large 5.0 Litre stainless steel bowl
  • 8 Level Speed Control with pulse function
  • Dust Proof Splash Guard
  • Safety Lock & Overheat Protection

Finding the best stand mixer for your needs? This one from Inalsa is a well-loved and accepted stand mixer which will give you the best Pizza making experience ever!

It has 1000 watts powerful motor that ensures all the kneading, mixing, and whisking tasks are done with perfection requiring less efforts. It designed with a large 5L stainless steel bowl to meet a large quantity of needs. In addition to this, it comes with a dust proof splash guard which prevents leakage and leaves your kitchen counter neat and clean.

This Inalsa stand mixer has been incorporated with 8 Level Speed Control which means you can choose the one that appropriately makes the texture you need.

Since this unit has been given a glossy finish, it is quite easy to clean. When it comes to safety, it has an in-built safety lock that ensures the bowl is perfectly placed onto the unit and ready for use. The overheat protection stops the motor if it experiences overheating.

However, some users have a complaint that its attachments are fragile that can break at any time, nevertheless, this Inalsa – one of the best stand mixers in India has beat the industry’s top competitors.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • No leakage
  • Easy to clean
  • LED Indicator
  • Multiple attachments

The Bad

  • The attachments are of low quality

3. MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer


  • 800 W High Performance motor
  • 6 optimized speed and time function
  • Tilt head design for easy operation
  • 3 high quality attachments
  • Metal gears system for heavy duty operation

Having this stand mixer from Mysa means having the best kitchen companion that enables you to do a variety of kitchen tasks without any fuss. The most special feature it has is the timer which means you can leave it and it will automatically turn off once it is done.

Another noticeable part of this machine is its Planetary Mixing Action that provides better and accurate mixing with its exceptional motion.

It comes with 6 optimized speeds that is useful for making different kinds of recipes. With pulse setting that adds the short burst of power, you can make the batter

The special Tilt-Head Design allows for easy bowl attachment and disattachment which helps in making overall operation easier. The durable ABS housing and high-quality metal gears system ensure durability as well as make it fit for heavy-duty operation.

It comes with 3 high quality stainless steel and aluminium attachments – Wire Whisk, Dough Hook and Flat Beater that actually simplify a variety of kitchen tasks from kneading dough to making pasta.

This is the Best stand mixers in India that come at a fair price especially when we consider the functionalities and build quality it has.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Simplistic in design
  • Durable ABS Housing
  • Low Noise Level
  • LED Light for Indicator

The Bad

  • It vibrates at high speed

4. Inalsa Esperto Professional Stand Mixer


  • Powerful 100% Copper 1400 W Motor
  • A large 6.0 Litre stainless steel bowl
  • 10 Speed Control + Pulse Function
  • Dust Proof Splash Guard
  • Safety Lock & Overheat Safety Protection

Inalsa – this has been the name to be trusted for manufacturing best kitchen appliances infused with latest technologies and features. This hand mixer is powered by 100% Copper 1400 W Motor that can withstand tough mixing jobs. It is also equipped with metal gears which complement the whole mixing process.

With its 10 Speed Control with pulse function, it helps you achieve the desired consistency by providing you enough control to make the perfect batter or dough to turn out perfect dishes.

In addition to this, it comes with multiple attachments including 6.0 Litre stainless steel bowl, Whisking Cone, Dough Hook, and Mixing Beater, these attachments take the stress out and give you fuss-free cooking experience.

It also comes with Dust Proof Splash Guard that provides overspilling protection, keeping your kitchen counter uncluttered. In this context, it also has a shiny and polished body that makes cleaning easier.

There are other additions like safety lock, overheat safety protection which are worth to be counted. Overall, Inalsa is the best among the Best Stand Mixers Brands in India, which is why it has come repeatedly in our List of Best Stand Mixers in India.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Metal gears
  • Anti-slip suction feet
  • Planetary mixing
  • Easy cleanup

The Bad

  • It can be slightly noisy

5. Wonderchef Crimson Edge Stand Mixer


  • Powerful 300W motor
  • 5 Speed Control with Turbo speed
  • 4.5 liters stainless steel bowl
  • 3 attachments – beaters, dough hooks & spatula
  • Planetary Mixing Action

If you ask what are the Best Stand Mixers Brands in India, then no list can be completed without Wonderchef. This is a reliable brand known for manufacturing some of the world’s best kitchen appliances. This stand mixer from Wonderchef is not different.

It comes with a powerful 300 watt motor that can handle any level of mixing or kneading task with perfection. It is designed in a unique way that when you turn it on, the moving head and the rotating bowl moves seamlessly to create planetary motion effect that provide exceptional mixing quality.

The 4.5L stainless steel bowl is large enough to contain dough for 12 dozen cookies and 14-15 beaten egg whites that is sufficient for a medium to large size family. It comes with 3 attachments – beaters, dough hooks & spatula which make cooking interesting and super easy at the same time.

The 5-speed settings and Turbo speed makes this appliance powerful to handle any task be it is whipping cream or kneading dough, you get best results each time.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • High durability
  • Lower price tag
  • Anti-slip suction feet
  • Planetary mixing action

The Bad

  • The overall product quality needs to be improved

6. AMION 1000W Stand Mixer


  • Powerful 1000 watt motor
  • A large capacity bowl
  • 6 speed settings
  • High quality multiple attachments
  • Planetary mixing

Our last pick is from Amion – one of the Best Stand Mixers in India, packed with 1000 watts powerful motor that is capable of handling toughest mixing jobs. With its large capacity bowl and multiple stainless steel attachments – dough hook, whisk and flat beater, this stand mixer has proven itself over and over again for delivering best results.

It is equipped with 6 varied speed settings which allows you to get perfect consistency whether you’re preparing dough for cookies or making batter for cake.

It does come with unique planetary action where the rotating bowl and moving head of the mixer function in a way that they create a perfect planetary motion, it means
it executes a variety of mixing tasks efficiently.

If you take closer look at its overall build quality, all the accessories and body are made up of high-grade stainless steel which ensure long-lasting life of the product.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Strong & Sturdy body
  • Slim profile
  • Low noise level
  • Easy cleanup

The Bad

  • Poor after sales service

How to Choose the Best Stand Mixers in India

Now, you have the list of best stand mixers with you. Before you select the most suitable stand mixer, you should give careful thought to your requirements and analyze whether you really need it. If you make cookies, cake, bread regularly, then having a stand mixer is your necessity which makes everything easier for you.

Here is the Buying Guide for Stand Mixers in India that takes you through some important factors need to be considered while choosing the best stand mixer for your needs.

Let’s start with various types of stand mixers and find which one is right for you.

Different Types of Stand Mixers in India

There are basically two types of stand mixers – Tilt Head Stand Mixer and Bowl Lift Stand Mixer.

1. Tilt Head Stand Mixer

In the Tilt-Head Stand Mixers, you have to tilt back the head of the mixer to remove the bowl and the mixing attachments. This makes it easier to work with this stand mixer. These are smaller in height, therefore can be easily placed in the cabinet when not in use.

2. Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

A Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer comes with stationary motor housing. There are clamps attached to the bowl which lifts the bowl up and down to allow removing the bowl and the attachments. This type of mixer comes with a large bowl capacity and is mostly used in commercial kitchens.

However, both have their own pros and cons but if you’re looking to purchase a stand mixer for home use then the Tilt-Head stand mixer is more suitable as it is less bulky, easier to use, and comes with a low price tag. But if you need it for professional use, then go for the Bowl-Lift model that comes with a large capacity bowl and a more powerful motor, highly suitable for commercial use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Stand Mixer

Bowl Capacity

After deciding on the type of stand mixer, the next most important factor is the capacity of the stand mixer which directly relates to your requirements. The stand mixers for domestic use come with the capacity of 2.5 to 7 Litres that can easily contain 8 to 10 cups of flour which is enough for a small to medium size family. But if you have a large family or you need it for commercial use then you should go for a larger capacity stand mixer.

Bowl Material

The build quality is another extremely important factor that ensures how long you will be able to use it. The bowls come with stand mixers are either made of plastic or stainless steel. If we look at the durability factor, then the stainless steel bowl is stronger and lasts longer. It is also easier to clean. But if you want an extremely lightweight bowl then consider the plastic bowl.

Motor Wattage

The efficiency of the whole stand mixer based on the capacity of the motor – the higher the power wattage of the motor, the better the mixing results. Therefore, while choosing a stand mixer, make sure you select the one that has a power capacity above 300 watts. However, all of the suggested stand mixers are highly efficient, come with power wattage between 800 W to 1000 W that is enough to execute any level of mixing.

Basic Attachments

It is important that you choose a stand mixer that comes with a good number of useful attachments. There are mainly four basic attachments –

  • Dough Hook – It has a helix shape that is useful in kneading dough for making chapatti, bread, pizza, and more.
  • Wire Whip – This is the most essential attachment used in mixing and blending ingredients like whipping cream and frosting eggs.
  • Flat Beater – This attachment is very useful in making cake batter, cookie dough, and beating eggs.
  • Pouring Shield – This attachment is useful in two ways – first, it prevents the mixture of ingredients from splashing out and it also allows you to add ingredients without spilling over while the machine is in use.


In our final words, we only want to advise that choose an average capacity low priced stand mixer if you need it for single family. Here investing in a professional mixer will be a waste of money.

Professional stand mixers come with a higher price tag and higher motor capacity, and obviously large bowl capacity, so investing on such an expensive unit only makes sense if you need it for commercial use. We hope that you could find the best stand mixer in India out of the given list for your daily baking needs.