A mixer grinder is essential because it has the potential to be your right hand in the kitchen. How does it help? You can blend, grind, and mix useful ingredients.

From saving time to simplifying manual work, one from a list of the best mixer grinders in India will accomplish the task and offer you the best grinding results. While picking a mixer grinder, always look for good quality blades, material, and good quality jars.

To make your choice simple, we have listed out the necessary information of the 11 best mixer grinders in India along with the things to keep in mind before you buy the best one.

How to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder in India

Are you ready to pick on one of the best mixer grinders in India? Before being sure of making that decision, here are a few factors to keep in mind before you choose the best mixer grinder in India.

Different Types of Mixer Grinders

Once you decide to buy a mixer grinder, the next thing you should know is the type of mixer grinder you want. Having said that, here is a list of different types of mixer grinders!

1. Mixer

A mixer is used for mixing dry and wet ingredients. Begins with mixing dry masala and ends with purees. You can mix vegetables pastes and even any kind of batter.

2. Hand Blenders

This type of mixer grinder is light and easy to handle. You can hold it and blend milkshakes or crush ice cubes. This sort of a blender has an effective motor.

3. Stand Mixer

This lightweight mixer grinder is meant for kneading, whipping, and shredding, and mashing ingredients.

4. Juicer Mixer Grinder

In this type of a mixer grinder, you will get to extract the pulp of fruits and it has a heavy motor to take care of all the other functions.

5. The Mixie

Mixie is one of the basic and common appliances present in our kitchen. It takes care of all the important functions like blending, grinding, and mashing.

Things to Consider While Buying A Mixer Grinder

1. Power

Before you buy the best mixer grinder, always check for the power or wattage offered by the appliance. If you need a mixer grinder for basic household chores then see to it that the wattage or power offered is around 700 watts.

By chance, if you are picking a mixer grinder to crush tough ingredients, then you will need a device that is more powerful.

2. Speed and RPM

While picking a mixer grinder, always look for the speed options it is offering. You can check on this by observing it’s rotations per minute.
If the product you choose runs above 18000 rpm, you should consider buying it.

For functioning effectively,the best mixer grinder should have a function of decently rotating per minute. Based on the kind of ingredients you want to blend, rotations per minute will come into the picture.

If you choose to grind tough ingredients or spices, you need the best mixer grinder that has a high RPM. Also, see to it that you have a speed control knob to adjust the settings as per your requirement.

3. Number of Jars

When buying a mixer grinder always pick an appliance that comes along with 3-4 jars that can be used for multiple blending purposes. Make sure that the jar has a strong body, good lid quality, and is suitably designed for regular use. More number of jars is an indication that you can blend multiple ingredients.

4. Overloading Protection

While a mixer grinder is operating, it is essential for the appliance to provide extra protection for promising safety. This feature is most useful when you want the appliance to run continuously without any risk of the motor or wire getting burnt. Even if you are picking the best mixer grinder in India, look for overload protection in order to be assured of better safety.

5. Safety Lock Feature

With a good safety lock feature in a mixer grinder, you need not worry about the jar moving out of place or being a risk, the appliance begins to work only when it is correctly placed. You will hear a sound as an indication of the jar getting locked.

6. Noise

As having the best mixer grinder in India must be your main goal, keep in mind that the appliance you pick comes with a less noisy operation. It is always good to complete all your grinding work without disturbing people around you.

7. Material Quality

Material quality decides the longevity of an appliance. Along with factors such as speed, overload protection, and efficiency, checking on the materials used to make jars and blades is equally necessary. By laying emphasis on the quality of materials, you’d be picking a decent appliance.

Best Mixer Grinders in India 2022 Reviews

Check out the features, pros, and cons of a list of the best mixer grinders in India.

1. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 – 5 Jars


  • Wega W5 Motor
  • 3 speed controls
  • 3-in-1 fresh juicer jar
  • Master chef jars
  • Safety indicator

We recommend Preethi Zodiac MG 218 as the best mixer grinder in India as it takes care of swift blending and grinding for big families. It provides around 5 jars and each one has a specific function of either blending or grinding.

To begin with, this excellent product comes with a powerful 750-watts motor that can handle every type of blending or grinding. It is quite efficient. Having said that, this appliance has the ability to chop or blend ingredients in a few minutes.

The device is made of quality materials such as food grade plastic that is corrosion-free and the body remains good for a long period of time.

This mixer grinder takes care of continuously grinding ingredients for about 30 minutes. In this device, you can knead, blend, and finely grind all the ingredients. After you complete grinding or blending, this appliance provides an excellent cooling functionality that allows the motor to cool down after a while.

Given the fact that it is a Vega W5 motor, you can expect the ingredients to grind quickly in this device. The speed is on point. Luckily, it’s super sharp multifunctional blades have the potential to perfectly blend and grind dry spices or even extract pulp from your favourite fruits.

Not just blending and grinding, this amazing appliance even has an awesome design and bright body. It has a good 3-speed control and inches that will let you adjust the speed as per your requirement.

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Final Verdict

The Good

  • ROHS compliant
  • Food grade plastic
  • Efficient operations
  • Reliable quality blades
  • Quick kneading and grinding

The Bad

  • Mediocre plastic quality
  • Noisy operations

2. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder – 3 Jars


  • ABS material
  • Advanced air ventilation
  • 25 minutes grinding
  • Specialized blades
  • Leak-proof design

If you are looking for a mixer grinder that has 3 jars, pick Philips HL7756/00 as it is one of the best mixer grinders in India. This device has a well-designed motor for an excellent performance and easily removable blades.

What sets this appliance apart is it’s long lasting plastic body and grinding efficiency. You would get to grind all kind of soft and tough ingredients with it’s 750 watts turbo motor.

One of it’s interesting safety features is the advanced air ventilation system that allows the appliance to cool down quickly and increases the longevity of the motor.

You can be assured of a good grinding performance with it’s quality coupler. This is made of tough plastic and during grinding it ensures to keep the jars in place. So, while cooking you won’t need to focus or be worried about the jars shifting from it’s position.

As much as the operations are necessary, even the jar quality plays a significant role when it comes to storing ingredients. Interestingly, this appliance has excellent stainless steel jars and food grade plastic quality.

It’s blades are fine and sharp which can easily take care of blending as well as grinding tough ingredients. That being said, this appliance has a reliable blade quality that ensures effective grinding.

This amazing mixer grinder comes with an advanced air ventilation system allowing the appliance to cool off after sometime. It has transparent lids through which you can take a look at how the ingredients are getting ground.

Without any hassles you can easily prepare the batter for all your favorite South Indian dishes. Besides, you can even make your favorite milkshake. From quality to performance, everything is perfect in this appliance.

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Final Verdict

The Good

  • Excellent performance
  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • 5 years warranty

The Bad

  • Noisy
  • Less durable caps

3. Preethi Blue Lead Diamond – 3 Jars


  • 750 watts powerful motor
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Shock-proof body
  • Flexible lids
  • Amazing blending options

Preethi Blue Leaf is one of the best Mixer Grinders in India and it is best known for it’s outstanding performance and reliable quality.

It’s 750 watts powerful motor is quite efficient and caters to your requirements like grinding, mincing, and juicing without consuming too much electricity.

Tough and easy ingredients can easily be ground with the help of it’s sharp blades. There are effective speed control knobs that can be adjusted as per your requirement. Without a second thought you will get to grind powders and purees.

You won’t have any hassles with it’s jar and blade quality. Right from making your favorite spicy chutney to grinding dry masalas, you can make everything you wish to.

While most of us are skeptical about the body of an appliance, you will be pleased to know that this mixer grinder has an excellent shock-proof body which is made of ABS plastic that can save you from overload fluctuations.

Yet another essential feature of this appliance are it’s flexible lids that fit in correctly and close well. Interestingly, the speed of operation of this mixer grinder is way too good.

Besides the blade quality being amazing and providing efficient grinding capabilities, it shines and looks polished from the outside. You can even save most of your time while the blending happens in this mixer grinder.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Energy efficient
  • Amazing speed control
  • Good jar quality
  • Appealing design

The Bad

  • Mediocre grinder quality
  • Jar leakage

4. Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder


  • SS blades
  • 4 Jars – juicer, liquid, dry, and chutney
  • 4 years warranty
  • ABS Body
  • Auto switch-off

Butterfly is one of the best mixer grinder in India because it provides an excellent performance and has the best design.

From a list of the best mixer grinders, this appliance is unique. It has multiple interesting features such as a powerful motor, auto-switch off, and good quality body.

This appliance has a good 750W powerful motor that runs efficiently in order to help you grind every kind of tough and soft ingredient easily.

Speed of the appliance can be adjusted to your requirement. This amazing mixer grinder has 3 speed modes to help you make your favorite dish.

While holding a mixer grinder you need strong and good quality handles to hold the appliance well. That being said, you will find the handles nice and sturdy to keep you comfortable.

To protect the mixer grinder from moving about, you will find anti-slip pads at the base of this appliance. These pads are necessary for providing a good grip.

It’s good quality rust-resistant and food grade plastic body is the best for safely storing ingredients. Besides, it has promising stainless steel jars that look stylish and great.

You will see that this mixer grinder has an excellent blender jar with a reliable body and sharp blades that can thoroughly extract the pulp of fruits and vegetables.

Right from setting it up to the way it blends ingredients, this is a suitable mixer grinder.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Good ventilation system
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Durable
  • Strong handles

The Bad

  • Poor lid quality
  • Mediocre blade quality

5. Preethi Zion Mixer Grinder – 4 Jars


  • Turbo spice jars
  • Safety indicator
  • Multiple useful blades
  • Powerful motor – 750 W

Preethi Zion is modern and one of the top mixer grinder in India. It comes with 4 jars, multiple useful blades, and it performs decently for it to even be rated as one of the best mixer grinders in India.

Given that this device has a good name, you can rely on it’s quality performance. It’s 750 watts powerful motor consumes less power and takes care of fine grinding.

In this mixer grinder you can easily blend,slice, chop, mince, and knead ingredients in a few minutes. Unlike other mixer grinder, this one has a 0.2 liter turbo spice mini jar that is precisely meant for grinding dry spices.

Whenever there is an overload, the safety indicator light turns red. This way, the motor is kept safe at all times. You’d get to enjoy a 2 year warranty period on this commendable appliance.

Besides having a safety overload indicator, this mixer grinder comes with a feature of cooling the motor down. Also, it’s 2 liter master chef jar perfectly gathers all the ingredients.

Interestingly, this appliance is chosen from a list of the best mixer grinders in India because it comes with multiple useful attachments like a chopping blade, slicing blade, citrus press and stirrer.

In case you find it difficult to use this appliance, you’d always have an option to go through the user manual and get an ideas as to fixing or using it.

In a minute you can knead and in it won’t take more than 5 minutes to slice, mince, and grate.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Durable
  • Ensures safety
  • Lightweight
  • Good performance

The Bad

  • Noisy
  • Loose handles

6. Philips HL7707/00 – 4Jars


  • 1700-20,000 RPM
  • Chef pro jar – 2.2ltr
  • 5 years warranty
  • Powerful motor – 750 watts
  • Power chop technology

Philips is one of the top mixer brands in India. This appliance comes with 4 jars and multiple attachments useful for blending and grinding food ingredients as per your need.

Starting from it’s design, this mixer grinder will give your kitchen a lavish and interesting look. It’s performance will leave you amazed. Without any difficulty, you can prepare all your favorite dishes.

You shouldn’t miss out on this versatile product as it is one of the best mixer grinders in India. Once you purchase it, you will get multiple effective chopping attachments like a shredder, slicer, grater, and kneader.

What sets this lovely mixer grinder apart is it’s sharp blade technology. With it’s blades you can mash potatoes at the same time grind pepper cons. It takes good care of grinding hard and soft ingredients.

While washing utensils, you can add it’s attachments into a dish washer and clean it safely. It has all the dishwasher safe accessories so you needn’t be worried about cleaning the mixer grinder.

This mixer grinder has a user-friendly and compact design that can easily fit into the space in your kitchen. It’s body is quite tough and it can withstand grinding all kind of ingredients.

Without any hassles, you can easily assemble it’s accessories. For efficient grinding, it’s 750 watts powerful motor is good enough. It’s gear drive technology allows finest grinding and reduces the rotations per minute. In other words, it takes lesser time to finish grinding.

It’s promising leak-proof designed jars are good for storing all the ground ingredients like pastas, purees, milkshakes, etc. When it comes to grinding chutneys, you can use all it’s small jars.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Dishwasher safety
  • ABS Blade material
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Leak-proof design

The Bad

  • Ineffective food processor
  • Noisy

7. Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder – 3 Jars


  • 900Watts Powerful Motor
  • Shock-proof body
  • 22000 RPM
  • 3 quality jars
  • 2 years warranty

From a list of the best mixer grinders in India, Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder is perfect and caters to your everyday needs in the kitchen. This appliance has a powerful motor and ensures to run for a long period of time.

It is a bonus to mention that this appliance is completely shock-proof and you can use it without having to worry much about your safety.

Interestingly, it doesn’t need to be maintained much and you won’t face any difficulties while using this mixer grinder. The flavour in food and juices can easily be maintained.

Two of the jar lids are dome shaped and can be used for both dry and wet grinding. So, you can make chutneys or even prepare gun powder by thoroughly grinding several spices in this appliance.

In it’s good quality stainless steel jars, you can easily store all the ingredients and it will continue to remain fresh for long. Among most of the best mixer grinders in India, this appliance is known for being compact and it suits your everyday needs.

Since it has a 900W powerful motor you can stay assured that it would operate well. Without a second thought, you can rely on it’s efficiency in terms of operating fast.

It’s blades are quite strong and sharp. They have the potential to thoroughly chop and slice ingredients. You’d even be happy to know that this appliance doesn’t vibrate much during operations.

Right from the appliance’s build quality to grinding operations, this mixer grinder is on point and quite durable. You won’t face major hassles.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Effective 90 minute operation
  • Excellent juicer jar
  • Prolonged speed operations
  • Low maintenance
  • Reasonably priced

The Bad

  • Minor leakage issues
  • Loose fit jars

8. Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder – 4 Jars


  • Auto switch off
  • ABS Body
  • Powerful Motor – 750 Watts
  • Good Air Ventilation System
  • Effective blades

Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder is a top appliance from a list of the best mixer grinders in India. This product has an attractive gray colored body and it’s 750 watts powerful motor takes care of the grinding performance of different soft and hard ingredients.

As safety is everyone’s priority, this mixer grinder has an automatic cut-off safety protection for taking care of the appliance. The main body of this mixer grinder is made of ABS plastic and this is one of it’s most excellent features.

You won’t have any second thoughts about storing ingredients in these jars as they are rust-free and they have a stainless steel body. All the jar lids are made of polycarbonate material and this is quite assuring in terms of protecting your appliance against leakage issues.

When you wish to transfer ingredients from the jars to another vessel, you need to get a firm grip of the appliance and the sturdy handles on this mixer grinder will come to use.

It has razor-sharp rotatory blades to help you enjoy the RPM experience. Apart from this, you can use it’s 3-speed rotating knob and whip function to increase or decrease the speed of this mixer grinder.

This mixer grinder has a LED indicator that will let you know about the status of grinding and it’s vacuum rubber shoes will ensure to give the mixer grinder a good grip at the base.

You’d be delighted to know that this excellent mixer grinder comes with a two years warranty period. If you are clueless about how to use this mixer grinder, you have an option to go through it’s user manual.

Besides and overload protection function this appliance has amazing other features such as good quality blades, durable jars, and a proper locking system to save the mixer grinder from moving about.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Sharp blades
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy handles
  • Good quality lids
  • Effective speed knobs

The Bad

  • Poor plastic quality

9. Bosch TrueMixx Pro – 4 Jars


  • Stone pounding technology
  • 30 minutes motor rating
  • Good quality jar handles
  • Free mixing and grinding
  • Perfect lid-locks

If you’ve been hunting for a mixer grinder with a unique design, you should try Bosch TrueMixx Pro as it is considered the best mixer grinders in India. Starting from it’s performance to the way it is designed, everything is perfect.

In this mixer grinder, you can take care of both dry and wet grinding. There are multiple jars and good quality blades available. It has a 1000W powerful motor that promises finer grinding.

This appliance is equipped with a stone pounding technology that makes sure to chop, slice, blend, or grind ingredients. With this feature, you get to enjoy the essence of spices added to food.

There is a concealed bronze bush inside the jars and this helps with contamination free mixing. Performance wise you won’t have issues as this appliance has advanced features.

This top mixer grinder in India has rare blades. While every other mixer grinder has sharp blades, this device is the other way round, it has unique blunt pounding blades. Irrespective of the blades being blunt, the grinding job is done exceptionally well.

To ensure safe grinding, this mixer grinder comes with sturdy lid-locks and takes care of a good hands-free operation. You won’t need to struggle to close the jars.

At the bottom, there is a suction feet that gives this mixer grinder a good and perfect stability.

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Final Verdict

The Good

  • Hands-free operation
  • Effective suction feet
  • Good quality blades
  • Overload protection
  • Compact and sleek

The Bad

  • Poor lids design
  • Expensive

10. Panasonic MX-AC400550 – 4 Jars


  • Warranty – 5 years on motor
  • 550W Powerful Motor
  • Hands-free operation
  • Good operational capacity
  • Reliable locking system

If you are still looking for the Best Mixer Grinder available in India, you should try Panasonic MX-AC400550. This appliance has the potential to take care of wet and dry grinding soft/hard ingredients.

From a list of the best mixer grinders in India, we choose this appliance for it’s safety and other quality features. This is a modern brand and it ensures to meet all your grinding and blending requirements.

Every jar has a unique function and design. You can conveniently extract juices, blend ingredients, and easily dry grind spices. In total, you will receive 4 jars and each one has a specific function.

Purchasing this mixer grinder would reduce your work burden and help you multi-task in the kitchen. It simplifies most of the tasks in your kitchen.

It is quite easy to clean this appliance. The moment this product is overheated, immediately it shuts off. It has a wonderful rpm and you’d love it’s performance.

This top mixer grinder in India has the best leak-proof design and above all you get to use an excellent mixer grinder at such a reasonable price. You’d love mincing, mixing, extracting and slicing ingredients.

The blade quality of this mixer grinder is on point. You’d love it’s flow breaker jar that will help with increasing or improving the grinding efficiency.

If you are concerned about safety then you’d be pleased to know that this mixer grinder won’t start if it is not being locked correctly.

The mixer grinder’s jar capacity is impressive. It includes a 1L stainless blender jar and 0.2L chutney jar. Apart from this, it has a 0.5L and 0.3L dry and wet jar capacity.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Dual safety features
  • Seal protection
  • Excellent handles
  • Strong blades
  • Amazing build quality

The Bad

  • None

11. Philips HL 7720 – 3 Jars


  • Powerful Motor – 750W
  • 4 speed control
  • ABS Body
  • Auto cut-off feature
  • Advanced ventilation system

Philips is among the top mixer grinder brands available in India. This appliance provides superior results and has excellent blades to cater to all your grinding or blending requirements.

This appliance has a powerful motor and the best speed regulators. You can expect efficient grinding in absolutely no time. It has good quality and versatile jars with efficient blades that will take care of dry and wet grinding.

In case there are over heating issues, it is possible to tackle with it through it’s advanced ventilation system and the open coupler. It is a simple procedure to wash the coupler.

This mixer grinder has an interesting stainless steel body and blades to provide the best output. It’s 3 unique jars – 0.4l, 1.5l, and 1l are effective for both dry and wet grinding.

It has a 775 watts powerful motor useful for thorough and efficient grinding. Without any difficulty, all the tough ingredients can be crushed easily.

Concerned about the design of this mixer grinder? You needn’t worry at all. It will easily fit in your kitchen. It has a sturdy and rust-free frame that lets your appliance last for long.

It is possible to hold on to the mixer grinder’s handles. It gives a good grip and lets you comfortably fix all kind of small and big jars. Given the fact that the body of this mixer grinder is made of ABS plastic. You can stay relived knowing the worth of it’s overall quality.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Rust-free design
  • Easy grip handles
  • Comfortable regulator
  • Good safety protection
  • Good build quality

The Bad

  • Mediocre plastic quality
  • Noisy


Reading about a list of the best Mixer Grinders in India must have given you insights on the factors to consider before buying the best mixer grinder in India and a detailed description of top 10 mixer grinders in India 2022.

Owning the best mixer grinder will help you process food, whip liquids, chop hard ingredients, and finely grind soft or hard ingredients. Above all, this sort of appliance will save a lot of your energy that could go away in manually blending or grinding ingredients.

Consider your budget and even look into necessary specifications like RPM, speed, number of jars, warranty period, and quality of blades when choosing to own the best mixer grinder.

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