How bad you feel when the mixer grinder in your kitchen suddenly stops grinding in the middle of the cooking process.

Most often, the culprit is the inferior quality motor. Just like an engine works as a heart in a vehicle similarly, the motor does in a mixer grinder. The level of performance and life of the mixer grinder heavily depends on the quality of the motor.

The copper motor is rated highly due to its proven record of providing excellent execution of culinary tasks. It comes with a longer lifespan therefore buying a mixer grinder with a copper motor gives you assurance of long-lasting powerful performance.

Here, in this article, we have compiled the List of Best Mixer Grinder with Copper Winding based on customer reviews, rating, and our own critical and detailed analysis. The best thing is that all of the mentioned products come from highly admired and credible Mixer Grinder Brands in India, known for their superior quality products.

Our Top 6 Best Mixer Grinders with Copper Motor

In a Hurry? Check out our top 6 picks below! Keep reading to learn more about these mixer grinders with the copper motor.

Our Reviews on 6 Best Mixer Grinder with Copper Winding

1. V-Guard Victo 750 W Mixer Grinder With 100% Copper Winding Motor


  • 750W 100% copper motor
  • Class F insulation
  • LED power indicator
  • Overload protection
  • High grade stainless steel jars
  • Inverter compatible

If you’re looking for a high-performing and durable mixer grinder, the V-Guard Victor mixer grinder is the perfect choice comes with 750 watts 100% copper winding motor that produces high torque for quality results.

The motor has class F insulation which means there is no risk of burning motor, in case it overheats. This ensures longer life of the motor and obviously the whole product. It is also equipped with overload protection which also enhances the life of this product.

The specialty of this mixer grinder is that it runs on low voltage, therefore it is compatible with inverters.

There are 3 multi-function jars included in the package which are made of high grade stainless steel. The blades are also durable having sharp-edge and unique design. Overall, this 100% Copper Winding Mixer Grinder is a great product comes from a great brand.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Attractive design
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Compact and durable
  • Affordable

The Bad

  • It is little noisy

2. Rico Mixer Grinder 1HP Powerful Motor


  • Powerful 1HP 100% copper winding motor
  • Unbreakable jars and lids
  • Rust proof stainless steel blades
  • 20000 RPM with 3 speed control
  • 10 years motor life

This Japanese technology based mixer grinder is the best fit for all those who look for sturdy and futuristic mixer grinder for their kitchen. It is integrated with powerful 1HP 750 watts 100% copper motor that is smart in performance as well as give guaranteed 10 years of motor life.

Along with the motor, the unbreakable jars give peace of mind while operating the unit. The high-quality ABS plastic makes the whole unit sturdy and long lasting.

This Mixer Grinder with Copper Winding Motor is also equipped with overload protection from voltage fluctuation and excess heating of the motor.

The speed of 20,000 RPM impresses you in the very first use and 3 speed control option gives you more control over the consistency. Genuinely this product doesn’t have anything to complaint about.

The rust-proof stainless steel blades do their job efficiently. The polycarbonate unbreakable lids are extra tight which give spill-proof performance.

The unit has vacuum cups at the bottom which keep the unit stable while operating it. Overall, this is the best deal at this price.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Strong ABS Plastic body
  • Spill-proof jars
  • Less-noisy operation
  • Strong-gripped handles
  • Overload protection

The Bad

  • It is slightly heavier than its competitors

3. Usha Power Spin 750-Watt Copper Motor Mixer Grinder


  • 750 Watts high torque copper motor
  • Unique 6 fin stainless steel blade
  • Unique arc design for higher stability
  • 20,000 high RPM grinding
  • Shock proof ABS body

This mixer grinder from Usha will enrich your kitchen with its faster operation and pleasing aesthetics. It has 750 Watts high torque copper motor that spins at the speed of 20,000 RPM which makes it best for all heavy-duty grinding.

In this Best Mixer Grinder with Copper Winding everything is done with perfection starting from design, build-quality to stability. The unique 6 fin stainless steel blade design ensures even and faster grinding irrespective of the hardness of the ingredients.

It has high-quality ABS plastic body which is sturdy, shiny, rust-proof as well as shock-proof. The cleaning of the unit is also easier, thanks to its unique arc design.

There are some more incredible things such as Food safe Jars & Blades, Easy to open PP flexi lids for jars which make this appliance convenient to use.

After looking at the quality, the price seems highly reasonable. There is no point to overlook this Best Mixer Grinder.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Faster operation
  • Heavy duty grinding
  • No heating issues
  • Longer product life

The Bad

  • It is noisy at high speed

4. Maharaja WhitelineTurbo Prime HD Mixer Grinder 1000 Watt


  • Powerful 1000 watts copper motor
  • 22000 RPM high speed
  • 5-In-1 Stainless Steel Blades
  • Superb cooling effect to combat overheating
  • Strong and durable ABS body
  • Unbreakable stainless steel jars

If you’re looking for a durable and heavy-duty mixer grinder then look no further than this Maharaja WhitelineTurbo Prime HD Mixer Grinder. The 1000 watts extra powerful motor spins at a brilliant speed of 22,000 RPM which makes this mixer grinder highly suitable for the toughest grinding.

There is an efficient cooling mechanism used in this unit which helps combat overheating. The build quality is also amazing, thanks to its strong and sturdy ABS body and unbreakable stainless steel jars.

This unit is packed with 3 stainless steel jars with different capacity which easily and efficiently handles a variety of cooking needs. It is also equipped with 5-In-1 Stainless Steel Blades which makes grinding easier, smoother, and faster.

Zero complaint has been reported for this product which made it to earn 5-star rating. We highly recommend this 100% Copper Winding Mixer Grinder that meets every user’s expectations.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Modern design
  • Efficient locking system
  • Non-slip feet
  • Auto-switch off option

The Bad

  • No complaint reported

5. CROMA 750-Watt 3 Jars Mixer Grinder with Copper Motor


  • 750 watts copper motor
  • Specialized stainless steel blades
  • Overload protection
  • 3 speed control with pulse function
  • ABS strong and shockproof body

This CROMA mixer grinder is powered by 750 watts copper motor that spins at the speed of 11500 RPM ensures fine grinding and mixing of the hardest ingredients. It comes with variable speed settings that allow you to get the finest consistency of the ingredients.

Just like the other mixer grinders in the list, this mixer grinder is also packed with powerful blades and high-quality stainless steel jars which makes the unit durable as well as help achieve wealth of culinary tasks.

There is also an in-built overload protection which means the motor will stop running if the motor overheats or overloaded. The build quality is also commendable; the top grade ABS plastic body makes this appliance sturdy, durable, and shock-proof.

If you’re looking for a durable and smart-performing mixer grinder at pocket-friendly price then this Best Mixer Grinder with Copper Motor is an ideal choice for you.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Top grade build quality
  • Sturdy suction feet
  • Transparent lids
  • Pocket-friendly price

The Bad

  • It is not suitable for commercial use

6. USHA RapidMix


  • 500 Watts high Torque Copper motor
  • 4 fin hardened stainless steel Techno Blade
  • 20,000 RPM high speed
  • Durable shock proof ABS body
  • 30-minutes motor rating

The brand Usha has been providing quality products for many decades and this Usha RapidMix is no different. It is integrated with 500 watts high torque copper motor which ensures quality performance for a longer life span.

It is technically designed in a way that you can use it continuously for 30 minutes without facing any heating issues. In this context, another noticeable thing is its efficient cooling mechanism which protects the unit from overheating.

With a 4-fin blade design and 20,000 high RPM, this mixer grinder delivers faster grinding which turns ingredients into a fine paste in a few seconds only. For this reason, it is highly suitable for commercial use as well.

The whole construction is extremely solid; build with top grade ABS plastic and food safe stainless steel. If you compare the quality and functionalities of this Mixer Grinder with Copper Winding Motor with its competitors, the price seems so reasonable.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Superior build quality
  • Faster grinding
  • Longer running time
  • Food safe jars

The Bad

  • It makes a lot of noise
  • Warranty claim is very difficult

Final Thoughts on Best Mixer Grinders with Copper Motor

Due to the fact that durability of the product is the first priority of most users and when it comes to a mixer grinder, the copper motor makes a huge difference in performance as well as the life of the product.

Hence, we have specifically compiled this List of Best Mixer Grinder with Copper Winding so that all those users who look for mixer grinders with the copper motor can find all options at one place and they should not have to look anywhere else.

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