It is easier buying a canned bottle of orange juice but it is always a lot better when it is freshly squeezed. The majority of us are aware of the fact that all the store-bought cartons of juices are filled with sugar to the brim, but, even then, we prefer those because they are easy to handle. However, getting your hand on one of the best cold press juicers in India can be a game changer.

They are easy to operate, ensure faster juicing of your favorite fruit and at the same time, help you consume a glass of fresh juice without any additional refined sugar in it.

To help you pick out the best juicers in India with the cold press option, we looked through some of the bestselling products to then bring you the ones you’d love investing your coins on.

Our Top 8 Best Cold Press Juicers in India

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Our Reviews on Best Cold Press Juicers in India 2021

When you look up the list of the best cold press juicers in India, you are going to be hit with thousands of models from hundreds of brands. So, selecting the best one amidst them can be a challenge. Don’t worry though, because we have a few worthy models that are the best in the market, both in terms of quality and the overall price point.

1. Kuvings B1700


  • Material – BPA free plastic
  • Motor wattage – 240 Watts
  • Colour – Phantom Black
  • Dimensions – 44.5 x 28 x 36 Centimeters

When talking about the worthy cold press juicers in India, Kuvings is a brand that users rave about. From the stunning modern design to the highly appreciated functions and features, there are a lot of factors that make it a worthy purchase.

It stands out for its award-winning design with user-friendly functions that squeezes out the last drop of juice from the fruit and ensures to keep the healthy ingredients and enzymes intact in the juice.

From hard fruits and vegetables like apple and carrots to the leafy greens, this juicer can pretty much juice everything that you want. It is also ideal for extracting nut milk from almonds, cashews and even oats. So, it comes in handy for the vegans who are tired of spending a fortune in buying non-dairy milk.

The juicer itself features a high-quality brushless motor with 240W wattage for superior functioning. It blends through the tough ingredients to extract the juice easily and to the tee. The blades are made with stainless steel, making them rust-proof and super sharp.

The brushless motor is equipped with copper windings for enhanced heat dispersion and better efficiency of the motor. It also makes the device long-lasting and durable. The exterior of this cold press juicer is made with the stunning and eco-friendly BPA-free plastic that is committed for life-long usage.

Another factor that makes this one of the best cold juicers in the Indian Market is all thanks to the large feeding tube. It reduces your work because now you can peel and chunk the fruits and veggies into large cubes and throw them in the juicer.

The juicer is backed with the JMCS Technology that ensures maximum yield and juices 10% extra juice than some of the standard juicers available in the market. It packages also comes with a separate cleaning kit that you can use to clean the juicer within a matter of seconds.

Kuvings also strives to provide the users with the best customer experience, hence provides the users with optimal after-sales service. You get additional years of warranty for easier usage and seamless functioning.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Superior quality build
  • Efficient motor functions
  • Extracts 10% more juice than the standard juicers
  • Optimal after-sales service

The Bad

  • Overheats easily
  • Cleaning sometimes takes time with extra pulpy fruits

2. Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer


  • Material – Plastic
  • Dimensions – 20.8 x 15.5 x 47.5 Centimeters
  • Colour – Wine Red

Another product worth considering is the Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer, especially because of the superior quality of the parts and the overall sturdy design of the juicer. From the anti-oxidized body to the stunning modern design, this juicer is a superior option for everyday use.

It is an extremely powerful and efficient cold-press juicer in India, made especially for the users who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle. The primary objective of the juicer is to help extract the last drop of juice, retaining all the essential phyto-nutrients and enzymes in the juice.

The best thing about this product is that it extracts all the juice without integrating air bubbles or oxidising the juice when left out. It retains a long-lasting freshness in the juice along with a natural taste to the juice.

The juice is equipped with a functional Auger that is designed to extract the juice from the fresh fruits with the lowest pitch. The Auger itself is made with high-quality Ultem PEI material, which is abrasion resistant and highly durable as well.

The metal grooves on the bottom of the juicer further squashes through the fruits and vegetables, extracting all the juice in a matter of minutes. It reduces unnecessary noise and ensures the stable functioning of the juicer.

The cold-press juicer from Hestia is also integrated with a high-quality 240W condenser run decelerating AC induction motor with high torque movement that can easily cut through larger chunks of the fruits for easy extraction of the juice.

The exterior body of the juicer is made with durable and eco-friendly BPA and BPS-free Tritan plastic for long-lasting finish. It is food-safe and doesn’t inhibit the functions of the endocrine receptors in the body.

Much like the previous one, even this juice features a large feeding tube, thereby reducing your workload. The Ultem-grade strainer is another good-quality strain that is etched with stainless steel groovings for rust-resistant functions.

The design of the juicer is done in a way to ensure maximum user efficiency, especially with the dual outlet system. It dispenses the extracted juice and the pulp separately, suitable for individuals who despise pulp in their juice.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Stainless-steel blades and Ultem strainer
  • Made with food-grade material
  • User-friendly design
  • High-quality motor

The Bad

  • A little pricey
  • Pulp sometimes has remnants of juice in it

3. AGARO – 33293 Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer


  • Material – Steel
  • Colour – Grey/Black
  • Dimensions – 32.2 x 32.2 x 42.2 Centimeters
  • Weight – 8.55 Kilograms

When looking for the best cold press juicer to buy in India, the AGARO – 33293 Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer is an option that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on. It is integrated with the cold-pressed technology that enables the extraction of high-quality fresh juicers with the nutrients intact.

It is designed with a large feeding chute that can easily fit in a large orange or apple without needing to cut through it. This reduces your hassle because now all you have to do is wash the fruit or veggie well and you are all set.

One unique feature in this cold pressed juicer is the Reverse button. It helps remove any clogged pulp inside the motor that is likely inhibiting smoother functioning of the juicer. It regurgitates the stuck pulp from inside the juicer, enabling smoother and efficient functioning.

Although the juicer comes in disassembled parts in the package, it is backed with all the necessary instructions that you can follow to put everything back in place.

It can also be disassembled easily while you need to clean the insides.

The exterior body of the juicer is constructed with BPA-free plastic that ensures the safety and well-being of every single consumer. Not just for juices, the juicer can also be used for making smoothies and slushes to beat the summer heat.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • BPA-free healthy plastic body
  • Reverse button technology
  • Multi-purpose juicer functions
  • Large feeding chute

The Bad

  • Parts get sticky after consecutive usage
  • Guarantee card isn’t signed

4. Kuvings EVO-Series Professional


  • Material – Plastic
  • Colour – Dark Grey
  • Motor Wattage – 240 watts
  • Dimensions – 51 x 28 x 36 Centimeters

If you want to splurge out on one of the best slow juicers in India without any constraints on the budget, the Kuvings EVO-Series Professional is an ideal option to look into. It is one of the few juicers from Kuvings featuring the patented juicing bowl design.

The EVO series is specifically designed to feature an improved auger for easier and faster juice extraction without any hassle. The design of the Auger helps extract the pulp from the juice and discards the rest through a separate outlet.

It is a multipurpose cold juicer that can easily work for fruits, vegetables, greens and nuts. It is ideal for individuals who are looking to make a healthy switch in their life. The brushless AC motor in this juicer is highly efficient and blends through the toughest ingredients.

The exterior body of the juicer is made with BPA-free plastic while the motor is designed with copper windings for smoother functioning and without imposing the risks of overheating. The 77mm feeding chute is another benefit to this cold press juicer that can fit in whole fruits for less work.

It comes with a continuous run time of 30 minutes with 10 years warranty on the gear and motor. It is extremely easy to use and functions seamlessly. The patented round rotary brush cleans through the fibers stuck inside the strainer and the pores within a matter of seconds.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Improved design auger
  • BPA-free plastic body
  • 77mm large feeding chute
  • 10-years warranty on motor

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Makes whirring noises

5. Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • Material – Plastic
  • Colour – Silver
  • Dimensions – 40.6 x 19.2 x 35.7 Centimeters
  • Weight – 5.6 Kilograms

When looking through the best cold-pressed juicers in India, Panasonic is a brand that stands out. The Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer is a bestselling product with high-quality parts and durable construction.

The slow juicer is designed to retain all the essential nutrients, enzymes and the vitamins and minerals in the juicer. The low-temperature juicing function prevents the risks of oxidation and ensures long-lasting freshness of the juice too.

Unlike some of the other heavy-duty juicers in the market, this one is specifically programmed with a 150W motor for seamless efficiency without unnecessary noises. It also enables easy juicing of fruits, vegetables, nuts and everything that you likely have in mind.

The low-speed motor of the juicer works in three stages of crushing, squeezing and then extracting the juice from the machine. It doesn’t infiltrate the juice with air bubbles, meaning that the slow compression system of the juicer generates less foam in the final juiced product.

The anti-drip cap has multipurpose functions and helps get rid of the pulp and the other gunk inside the juicer with a quick cleanse with some running water. It is very easy to clean as well. All you need to do use a damp cloth to get the juicer cleaned from the top to the bottom.

The juicing screw and strainer in this juicer is built with high-quality and durable plastic that is 8x stronger compared to all the other available juicers in the market. It is ideal for heavy-duty juicing for extended periods.

The low-speed squeezing auger is another highlight of this cold-pressed juicer that effectively juices and crushes the fruits for optimal extraction of the juice without any hassle. The slow-action speed also retains the needed nutrients and enzymes in the juice.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Heavy-duty juicer
  • Meant for multipurpose usage aside from just juicing
  • Low-noise function
  • Slow-action speed for better retention of nutrients

The Bad

  • Cleaning is a hassle
  • Jar size is comparatively small

6. Hurom H-100 Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • Material – 100% BPA-free plastic
  • Colour – Titanium Grey
  • Dimensions – 21.1 x 29.3 x 46.2 Centimeters
  • Weight – 5800 Grams

While there are a range of premium brands of juicers available, the Hurom H-100 Cold Press Slow Juicer is the top cold press juicer in India that you can look into. Despite the quality of the product, it is quite underrated.

The design and functions of this cold juicer have been made keeping the convenience of the users in mind. It is integrated with the best quality and functionality of the device. It features a very simple juicing mechanism with an additional strainer to get rid of the pulp for good.

The functions of this juicer are backed with a highly functional motor that functions at 43 rotation per minute to further improve the juice extraction capability of the juicer. The slow-squeeze system of the juicer retains the essential nutrients and enzymes in the juicer for a freshly squeezed and healthy juice.

The juicer is equipped with a robust and powerful 150W AC motor for heightened efficiency and lower RPM for extraction of the healthiest amount of fresh juice. But this indicates that not only do you get to experience the best juicing experience, you also wouldn’t have to worry about the electricity bills.

It is one of the few cold press juicers in the market that feature three different types of strainers in the juicer, including the fine strainer for juices, the smoothie strainer as well as the ice cream strainer setting in it.

Hurom is not just known and applauded for their quality of product, they are also backed with the best after-sales service providing with 2-years of exceptional service support from the brand. You can reach out to them with the confusing issues to get instant solutions. The motor and gear are backed with 10-years warranty.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Highly functional slow speed motor
  • Retains the necessary nutrients and enzymes in the juice
  • Backed with optimal warranty details
  • Has multiple straining settings

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Strainers aren’t fixed well

7. Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • Material – BPA free plastic
  • Colour – Black
  • Weight – 4.9 kgs

For the individuals looking for the best budget cold press juicer in India, consider investing your money on Bosch. It is programmed to extract healthy, fiber-rich and thick juices from fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Despite the high-quality 150W motor, it functions optimally to ensure seamless and noise-free operation. Not just for the standard fruits, it works well with root vegetables, leafy greens and vegetables too.

The freshly squeezed juice from this Bosch slow juicer helps you lead a healthy lifestyle and instill more energy in your body, especially for extended periods. The extracted juice from this product retains the needed enzymes and nutrients that you need for optimal gut functions.

Given how nutritious the juice is, it readily absorbs into your bloodstream and ensures better health in the long run. Not just the insides of your body, it also functions well in keeping your skin and eyes in check.

This advanced juicer is also designed with three different filters that works according to your needs. You can use the fine filter for juices, the medium strainer for smoothies and the coarse one for ice-creams and slushies for a cool treat in the hot summer months.

The MixControl feature in this juicer effectively gets rid of the seeds and the pulp from the juice, helping keep it easier to control the thickness of the juice and keeps it pulp-free. The design of the juicer is very modern, enabling you to assemble it within a matter of minutes.

The instructions in the package come with detailed information that you can follow to clean the juicer without any hassle at all. The product is also backed with the VitaBar app that enables you to lead a healthy life and take that step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Removes the seeds and the pulp from the juice
  • Easy absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream
  • Designed with three different filters
  • Durable construction

The Bad

  • Cleaning steps are not as easy as it seems
  • Assembling is cumbersome

8. Balzano ZZJ827M 180-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • Material – Plastic
  • Colour – Red
  • Motor wattage – 180 W
  • Dimensions – 19 x 19 x 52 Centimeters

Last but not the least on the list is the Balzano ZZJ827M 180-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer. It features a compact, modern and sleek design. It is the perfect companion you need when transitioning from an unhealthy to healthy lifestyle.

The model comes with the JuiceMax technology that ensures long-lasting quality of the juice. It is backed with the slow-juicing technology that prevents oxidation of the juice, thereby retaining the nutrients and the vitamins and minerals in the juice.

It is backed with the latest technology that doesn’t destroy the heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes, ensuring better health for you. This patented technology also ensures 95% extraction of the juice from the fruit or vegetable.

The exterior of the juicer is designed with a high-quality aluminum body, which is vibration free and doesn’t induce unnecessary noises when functioning. The reduced sound and noise level ensure optimal functioning of the juicer.

The drier pulp extraction from the juicer ensures that the squeezed juice doesn’t have a load of air bubbles in it. It comes with an anti-drip design, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about making a mess of things.

The cleaning process is extremely easy and flushes out the collected pulp and the other gunk that are lodged inside the juicer. The versatility of this juicer is another factor that makes it stand out from the rest of the options in the market, especially because of how reasonable the price point is.

The product is backed with 1-year warranty on the product along with 5-years warranty on the gear and the motor of the juicer. You need to consult customer care in case you experience issues with the product.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Backed with JuiceMax technology
  • Extracts 95% of the juice
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-drip design

The Bad

  • Crushes the seeds in the fruits, leaving a bitter taste
  • Small mouth

Final Thoughts on Best Cold Press Juicers in India

With so many different types of cold press juicers in India, picking out the best one can be a challenge. We have cut down that issue for you by scrounging through the internet for the best available juicer models. So, if you are thinking of making a switch from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle, now is the time.

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