Are you juggling to mix the baby food to feed your growing toddler? Being a mother, I understand that mixing baby food isn’t an easy task, especially when holding a baby in your hand. Mixing food can be a cumbersome process sometimes. It consumes a lot of time.

Thus, a portable blender for baby food helps to ease down the job of mixing. Yes, that’s true; a baby food blender can prevent you from all the mess and mix food accurately.

But the blende isn’t limited to performing baby food mixing; you can use it for multipurpose. So, if you’ve made up your mind and are looking for the best blenders for baby food in India, look no further and take a deep dive into the post.

Here, I’ve selected some of the best blenders for baby food made with durable child-safe plastic and child safety features. So, what are you looking for? Let’s scroll it down to choose one for you.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Blender For Baby Food

Still, have confusion in choosing the best blender for baby food in India? No worries, keep following this buying tip that surely helps you to choose the best food processor.

Type of Food Processor/Blender

Before you decide about the blender, make sure to understand for what purpose you need. There are three kinds of blenders available.

  • All-in-One: This kind of food processor helps to perform multiple functions such as blending, pureeing, mixing, steaming, and defrosting.
  • Blender: This form can help to blend and mix food accurately. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to use and store too.
  • Manual Blender: This requires manual force to perform blending. It consumes energy and time too.

So, based on your needs, you can get any of these food/processors or blenders.

1. Jar Capacity

Ideally, always prefer to have those food processors/blenders that come with the extra-large capacity to make sure that you can cook extra food and preserve it to use later. Medium size is also ideal if you prefer to cook a small amount of food.

2. Space and Design

A bulkier food processor these days isn’t the smarter choice because it consumes a lot of space and is difficult to store. So, do ensure to prefer those models of blenders that either have compact size or lightweight. These kinds of blenders are easy to store and fit into your kitchen space nicely.

3. Safety Measures

Ensure that the blender you buy has safety features such as automatic shut-off and steaming timers. Safety features not only help to protect you from any mishappening but also protect your blenders too. Along with this, make sure that you get BPA-free material blenders that do not hurt your toddler’s health.

4. Warranty Period

The warranty period can help to save from wear and tear damage issues. If your blender or food processor gets damaged in between the warranty period, you can have free replacement or repair. So, make sure to check that your best blender for baby food in India comes with at least one year warranty period.

List of Best Blenders for Baby Food in India

Want to know which blender suits your needs best and what kind of blender can do the multitask for you? Stay tuned here because I provide you detailed reviews of India’s five best baby food blenders or processors.

So, let’s quickly look at them.

1. Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

  • Steam and Flip Jar for multi-tasking
  • Compact design that fits anywhere
  • Fewer Parts to Clean
  • Easy Water filling
  • Steamer and Blender Combination

Suppose you are a professional woman who gets stuck between professional life, baby food preparation, and other tasks. In that case, I highly recommend having this blender in your kitchen faultlessly. The first reason is its compact design that fits into any kitchen space.

Even if you have a small kitchen, it fits conveniently in your space. Second, it’s a combination of blender and steamer; I enjoy steaming vegetables in this great steaming jar while at the same time it can blend the food nicely. In comparison, the efficient steam cycle helps to retain the original texture and nutrients into the food.

Be it steaming, blending, pureeing, and other tasks, this blender helps me a lot and saves a lot of time which I waste in food preparation. Other than this, the Philip food blenders have a power stainless steel blade which helps to blend food easily.

It also helps to blend even the meat and steam it. Plus, it has fewer parts only, so you can enjoy cleaning like a breeze. You don’t need to juggle with the parts cleaning.

Finally, you get handy accessories with this blender such as a spatula, resealable lead, short cup, and more. All these accessories will further help to ease down your task. Don’t you think this can be one of the best blenders to make baby food?

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Quick food preparation
  • Child safe BPA plastic-free jar
  • The steaming cycle is efficient
  • Two years warranty period

The Bad

  • It is pricey
  • The plastic jar is not so durable.

2. Beaba

  • Four in one food processor
  • In-built water dosing device
  • Extra-large bowl for preparing ample quantity food
  • Automatic stop with light signals
  • Impulse mixing

Preparing baby food may be easier with a blender, but what’s next? Don’t you feel annoyed when you need to use different utensils for food preparation, cooking and steaming?

Beaba Babycook solo is one such food processor that can do all these jobs in one bowl. Isn’t it great? Yes, whether you want to blend baby food, steam veggies, and cook a nutritional meal for your toddler, this food processor does all tasks with ease.

It features an extra-large capacity of 1100 ml so that you can prepare extra food and refrigerate for next-day use. In addition to this, it features a cyclone effect blade that ensures impulse mixing, grinding and helps create a perfect textured meal according to the child’s age.

The majority of us have the habit of leaving the cooker on fire and left unattended, which may spoil all food and create disaster. Thanks to this food processor because it has automatic stop features with a sound and light signaling system. So, you can be certain that your food is completely safe even if you remain unattended for longer.

Additionally, it has built-in water devices, making it easier for you to pour water into it easily, even with a single hand. Plus, it has a removable cooking insert that helps recover cooking water which has minerals and vitamins. Looking to reheat the baby food?

Go ahead with this food processor to make baby food because you can easily reheat, defrost, stream and mix food with a breeze. You’ll save a lot of time and have less work to do with cooking.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Faster steaming to retain flavors
  • BPA free plastic bowls
  • Automatic cooking time setting
  • Single control button

The Bad

  • Machine cleaning is daunting
  • Overheating issues arise sometimes

3. Kiddale (5 in One Food Processor for All Your Cooking Needs)

  • Digital Control LED Panel to Control Everything
  • Anti-Dry Protection and Disinfectant
  • Auto-cleaning mode for easy cleaning
  • Safety lock features
  • Easy water filling tank

If you’re struggling to create a balance between your professional and kitchen life with your baby, I highly recommend having this food processor. This 5-in-1 food processor can perform various functions such as chopping, blending, defrosting, food mixing, grinding and disinfectant.

Plus, its compact yet stylish design fits nicely in your kitchen space. The split steaming basket design allows adjusting the food consistency as you desire. Features a separate portable handle for easy picking.

This best blender for pureeing baby food has auto-shut-off mode. In case the water level reduces, the heat generated by water heating will shut off the processor.

Thereby, keep you safe from any mishappening. In addition, it features a stirring function that allows pureeing the steamed veggies, and steaming is done.

What I genuinely like about this blender cum food processor is its auto-cleaning function. Once you remove the cooked food from the jar, put some water into the jar and bring it on auto-cleaning mode.

Here you go, your jar is cleaned so smoothly. Trust me; it can be a lifesaver for many mothers who are dealing with food mixing mess.

Another excellent feature is a disinfectant button. With this feature, you can sterilize your container before you use it. Moreover, you can even sterilize your baby bottles, spoons, teething, nipples, etc., easily with this food processor. If you try this once, you get addicted to it.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Steaming and pureeing at one go
  • One year warranty period
  • Perform multi-tasks at one time.
  • No cleaning hassles.

The Bad

  • Over steaming can create scratch on the jar
  • Accessories are not included.

4. LuvLap (Good for First Time Mothers)

  • Two in one steaming and blending
  • The advance digital touch screen panel
  • Multiple blending to keep consistency
  • Auto cleaning and sound indicator
  • Sterilizing options and transparent jar

Spilling mess is pretty common when you are preparing baby food. But if you have this kind of blender, then it won’t happen to you again. LuvLap is one of the best blenders for making baby food that you can buy right now for baby food mixing.

However, this is not the only reason to buy this amazing blender. You can even steam veggies and create consistent puree with this baby food blender. It’s really an affordable gig for every mother who has toddlers.

This blender is perfect for those mothers who become a mother for the first time. Water level guidance is also given for your convenience to measure the level of water. Also, the speed dial of the blender helps to set different speeds to get a consistent blending of the food.

Above this, its single jar can help to perform steaming and blending. You get multiple blending options that help to achieve the desired consistency of baby food.

For your convenience, it has a sound and light indicator with an auto-shut-off feature. So, you don’t need to monitor it again. When steaming is done, the machine will automatically shut off.

Plus, its compact design makes it easier to store anywhere after use. Auto-cleaning features help to avoid the cleaning mess. Additionally, you have a sterilizing option to disinfect your container before you use it.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Perform multiple jobs and lifesaver
  • Blend food within no time
  • Perfect for steaming veggies
  • Mess-free cleaning and water level guidance
  • BPA free plastic see-through jar

The Bad

  • Limited features
  • Not for boiling purpose

5. UNIQUE ICON (Low Noise Blender for Perfect Steaming and Blending)

  • Single-handed control
  • Steaming, blending, defrosting, and heating features
  • Sharp edge blade for perfect blending
  • Minimum nutritional waste
  • 360-degree steaming process

Now you don’t need to worry about processing food when you have this handy blender. This is a powerful food processor that handles a variety of jobs. Be it blending, pureeing, heating, and defrosting; you can do everything with a breeze.

Plus, the 360-degree combined steaming process helps to cook baby food within minutes. A lot of mother’s sounds worried about nutrient loss while boiling and steaming in an open pan. Thanks to its 360-degree steaming feature that softens the veggies with minimum loss.

In addition to all features, I like its noise-free operation, which reduces the noise while blending food. Moreover, this best blender for baby food in India has one-handed control. So, you don’t need to worry about putting your baby down.

Also, this iconic food processor is specially designed for blending and cooking infant food. Its stylish and comfy design fits into your space perfectly. The steamer comes with a soup basket which is useful for preparing food.

Want to defrost your baby food? No, issue, you get this handy food processor that also performs quick defrosting. One more impressive thing is that blender is free from BPA plastic which can create health issues.

Its powerful stainless-steel blade provides high-speed grinding so that you enjoy perfect mixing and blending for the food. With this best all-in-one food processor, you can save a lot of time-wasting food preparations.

Final Verdict

The Good

  • Faster and smoother blending
  • Convenient to handle and store
  • Retain natural nutrients with perfect steaming
  • Large capacity BPA free plastic jar
  • Soup basket for perfect cooking

The Bad

  • Accessories not included
  • No automatic shut off feature

Which is the best blender for baby food?

Philips, Kiddale, and Beaba are some of the best blenders for making baby food in India.

Can I steam vegetables before blending them in the same food processor?

Yes, all of these blenders/food processes help to steam vegetables before you blend them.

Which Blender has automatic shut-off features and digital control?

Kiddle and Beaba are some of the best blenders that provide automatic shut-off features and digital control panels.

Final Words on Best Blender for Baby Food

So, here I wrap out the five best blenders for making baby food in India. All these models have unique features and designs. So, you can prefer to have an ideal one that matches your needs perfectly. With these food processors/blenders, you can cook and even blend food easily. Now, you can prepare baby food instantly with no-spill and mess and feed them quickly.