Creamy Carrot Juice

This raw carrot juice is simple to make and high in nutrients. It is so sweet and smooth it’s almost creamy. Carrot juice is known to  kill off bacteria and viruses, and has been used successfully in many cancer cures. This recipe is ideal for detoxing as it will help remove toxins from the body, while improving the liver and digestive tract.

Carrot juice

Servings: 1 (8oz)

146 calories per serving


  • 8 Carrots, 488g

* This chart graphically shows where this juice will be most beneficial.

Calories kcal 0 0%
Calories Juiced kcal 146 7%
Protein g 5 9%
Fat g 1 2%
Carbs g 47 16%
Fiber g 14 54%
Sugars g 23 92%
Vitamin C mg 28.80 48%
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) mg 0.32 21%
Riboflavin mg 0.28 16%
Niacin mg 4.80 24%
Vitamin B6 mg 0.67 34%
Folate µg 96.00 24%
Vitamin A µg 4072.00 679%
Vitamin E mg 3.20 11%
Vitamin K µg 64.80 81%
Calcium mg 160 16%
Iron mg 1 8%
Magnesium mg 56 16%
Phosphorus mg 168 17%
Potassium mg 1560 45%
Sodium mg 336 14%
Zinc mg 1 8%
Creamy Carrot Juice
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Vitamin A ✓ Vitamin K ✓
Creamy Carrot Juice
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Vitamin A ✓ Vitamin K ✓
Recipe Notes

Vitamin K 

Required for: Bone building and repair, blood clotting and preventing heavy menstrual bleeding

Deficiency symptoms: Easy bruising, osteoporosis and heaving menstrual bleeding

Vitamin A 

Required for: Immune system, growth and repair of bones, skin, teeth and eye health

Deficiency Symptoms: Dry skin, dull and dry hair, hard skin, reduced saliva production, ridged nails, loss of appetite, bumps on back of arms and other parts of the body, acne, mouth ulcers, sinus problems, poor wound healing and poor night vision

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